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Not All Sports Personal Injuries are Accidents; How to Determine Liability

One of the most common ways that people get injured is while participating in sports, either competitively or recreationally. Most sports injuries happen by accident; there truly is no one to blame or to be held liable. There is an “assumption of risk” that is taken when people participate in sports, and participants may be… Read More »

Mainetti & Mainetti, P.C. Honored by Legal Services of the Hudson Valley

Every year, Legal Services of the Hudson Valley’s Kingston location handles over a thousand cases every year alone, free of charge, for those who cannot afford an attorney when their basic needs are at stake. This November, they held their 3rd Annual Partners in Justice Reception, where they honored our firm as a “Champion of… Read More »

Social Media is Not Your Friend in Personal Injury Law Cases

How to Safely Get Started Motorcyling in the Hudson Valley

Riding a motorcycle is dangerous. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, per mile traveled, a motorcyclist was 28 times is likely to die in an accident than a car driver. Some of the most common causes include: Cars making left-hand turns Lane splitting Speeding Collision with a median or fixed object Roadway conditions However,… Read More »

32 Poughkeepsie Intersection Improvements That May Prevent Crosswalk Accidents for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

The news just broke that the City of Poughkeepsie is getting $2.4M in grants to upgrade 32 pedestrian crossings to help pedestrians and bicyclists get around safely.According to a news report, the efforts will focus on intersections and crosswalks where they have the most pedestrian traffic and where accidents have occurred in the past, upgrading… Read More »

Personal Injury Attorneys Explain Six Stats About Ulster and Dutchess Car Accident Injuries

We treat every individual case and client with a personalized approach, but sometimes it’s helpful to look at some of the larger trends that are going on with personal injury law. One interesting area is to look at statistics from New York State about emergency department visits, which are typically the first step that people… Read More »

Meet our 2019 Hudson Valley Law Scholarship Winner: Danielle Schmalz Fullam

This year, we launched our first-ever scholarship for law students who grew up in the Hudson Valley. We’re proud to announce that Danielle Schmalz Fullam, a UConn Law student expected to graduate in 2021, won the essay contest:  My name is Danielle Schmalz Fullam, and I attended New Paltz Central Schools throughout my childhood. I… Read More »

The Keys to Winning a Roadway Defects Personal Injury Case for Drivers, Pedestrians and Bicyclists

You suffered an accident, and your injuries are significant enough to make you miss work and/or affect your quality of life. If your accident was directly caused by a motorist’s negligence, it’s easy to make that connection. You can schedule a free consultation with a leading Hudson Valley personal injury attorney to see if you… Read More »

The 1st Annual Mainetti & Mainetti Car & Bike Show

On a sweltering Saturday, July 20, 2019, we at Mainetti & Mainetti, P.C. were proud to raise money for Ulster County Community Action by putting on our practice’s first annual car & bike show. It was one of many community endeavors that our practice has donated to or participated in; we’ve been proud sponsors of… Read More »

11 Throwback Examples of Car Accident Personal Injury Settlements in Kingston, NY

We’ve been representing accident victims in the Hudson Valley since the 1970s, and things have changed quite a bit since then.  For one, even though there are far more cars on the road now than there were back then, changes to auto safety rules, better enforcement of speed limits, and better road and car design… Read More »