A dog bit me and caused injuries. Now what?

Almost everyone has had a brush with some kind of car accident or a slip and fall, and it’s fairly straightforward to imagine how one would obtain compensation for those: by suing the insurance company connected to the vehicle or premises that caused the accident. But what happens if someone’s dog bit you at a … Read More

9 Reasons That a Trucking Company Could Be Liable for Hitting Your Car

Accidents with commercial trucks are considered more dangerous than with regular-sized passenger vehicles. In the latest year of statistics we have available for New York State, there were over 12,000 crashes involving trucks, where 79 people were killed and 15,000 injured. In one such case, we obtained a settlement of over $4.2M for an 11 … Read More

In Their Own Words: Joseph LaLima

Our firm has been representing everyday people in the Hudson Valley for personal injury law cases for decades. One of our long-time clients is Joseph LaLima, the owner of LaLima’s Barbershop on Broadway in Kingston. In 2013, the Kingston Times wrote: “While some hair-cutting places are just that, places, Kingston is blessed with some great … Read More

Which New York Counties Have the Best Drivers at Avoiding Car Accidents?

You can take every safety precaution as a driver, but you can’t control what other people do on the road. According to New York State data, drivers in some counties are getting into fewer serious car accidents than others, and we believe there are some factors that go into those rankings. As long-time personal injury … Read More

Ten Facts About Hudson Valley Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident occurs when a property owner fails to maintain a safe and secure premises for the use of their customers or passers-by. Here in the Hudson Valley, slip and fall accidents predominantly occur during the winter months, when snow, ice, sleet and slush can accumulate in parking lots, sidewalks, or near … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycling in New York State (According to Facebook)

We are a personal injury law firm based in the Hudson Valley that has obtained one of the biggest motorcycle injury settlements in Ulster County history. We love being part of the local motorcycle community, and with some help from Facebook data, put together stats about New York State motorcyclists: how many there are, their political … Read More