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Injured as a result of another’s carelessness?
Don’t worry, we will guide you every step of the way.

Life can change in a split second. If you or a loved one have suffered from an accident caused by another’s negligence, then our experienced team of personal injury attorneys are here for you when you need us, no matter the time of day. At Mainetti & Mainetti P.C. we take pride in helping our clients move forward, not only by securing the maximum financial compensation for their injuries, but also by guiding them through what can be a complex and confusing process. If you believe you’ve been injured due to the someone else’s negligence, call us now for a FREE case evaluation.

Vehicle Accidents

Car Accidents 

Commercial Vehicle Accidents
Drunk Driving
Hit and Run Accidents
No-Fault Insurance
Roof Crush
Rear-end collision

Truck Accidents 

Federal Trucking Regulations Violation
Overloaded truck accidents
Semi-truck accidents
Truck-tire blowouts
Tired Truck Driver

Motorcycle Accidents 

Brain Injuries
Road Rash
Broken Bones
Spinal Cord Injuries
Sum Insurance

Bicycle Accidents 

Neck and Back Injuries
Fractures and Amputations
Brain Injuries

Bus Accidents 

School bus accidents
Bus System Accidents

Other Vehicle Accidents 

Train Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents
ATV, Boat, Scooter, and Jetski Accidents

Premises Liability & Slip & Fall

Fall Down Accidents
Slippery floor accidents
Snow and ice slip and falls
Stairway accidents

Products Liability

Philips CPAP Machine Recall

Construction Accidents 

Electrocution accidents
Lift/forklift accidents
OSHA violation injuries
Scaffolding & ladder injuries
Injuries from slippery conditions
Third party claims

Dental and Medical Malpractice 

Failing to diagnose a health condition
Surgical mistakes
Wrongful death
Incorrect diagnosis
Prescription errors
Foreign objects after surgery
Anaesthesia errors

Camp LeJeune Lawsuits 

Kingston Pediatric Dentistry

Zantac Lawsuits 

Ozempic Lawsuits