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Hudson Valley Fracture and Amputation Injury Attorneys

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Fractures and amputations can result in an accident that involve a tremendous amount of force, although the amount of force can be less if the victim is already experiencing osteoperosis or bone cancer.

They can often occur around machinery and heavy equipment in workplaces, or in car accidents and during sporting activities. They may require expensive and extensive medical treatment and long-term therapy, resulting in the loss of wages and future enjoyment of life.

Types of Fractures

  • Compression fractures, where vertebrae can be crushed
  • Open fractures, where bone can stick out of the skin
  • Displaced fractures, where bones can break in multiple parts
  • Oblique fractures, where bone shatters into pieces
  • Traverse fractures, where the broken bone is at a 90 degree angle to the main bone
  • Buckled fractures, where bones are driven into each other

Broken bones can occur all throughout the victim’s body, including the spine, ribs, hips, legs, arms, hands and feet. Broken bones are easy to see on an x-ray, but proving the lost wages and decreased enjoyment of life are the result of negligence are why it’s important to retain an experienced, qualified legal team. Call us now at 845-600-0000 for a free consultation.


  • Torn ACL/MCL
  • Broken/dislocated knee cap
  • Separated shoulder
  • Knee strain or sprain
  • Fractured knee
  • Cartilage injuries
  • Stress fracture of leg
  • Sprained or broken ankle
  • Denegerative arthritis
  • Nerve damage

No matter how your injury occurred, we’ll investigate every possibility of obtaining compensation for the lost wages, pain and suffering, and decreased enjoyment of life that you may experience from knee, shoulder and joint injuries. You need an experienced team that will battle for you to make a successful workers’ compensation claim, insurance claim, or a civil suit against a responsible third party that may have been negligent. Contact us today at 845-600-0000 for a free consultation.

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