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Bicycling is becoming more popular than ever, with people riding for exercise, leisure and commuting in increasing numbers while taking advantage of the increased prevalence of bike lanes and sharrows.
While safety measures and greater awareness by motorists is a wonderful thing, motor vehicle-related accidents still do happen quite a bit. Between 2012-2014, on average, there were:

36 deaths by bicyclists

637 hospitalizations
with an average total cost of $50,000

3,800 emergency department visits
 with an average cost of $3,000

If you or a loved one was injured while on a bicycle, we have decades of knowledge and experience in representing and obtaining justice in the aftermath of a cycling accident. To get the best possible results, our firm will conduct a full investigation of the accident, including reviewing medical records, interviewing experts, and consulting police reports and other records.

There are a number of scenarios that cause bicycle accidents where another party can be held responsible through litigation:

  • Getting "doored" by a car door opening
  • Struck by a speeding or distracted driver
  • Crashing due to a road defect
  • Injured while working as a cyclist
  • Hit-and-run or struck by uninsured motorist
  • Injured in "road rage" or intentional targeting incident

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Whether you're working in the gig economy or have a full-time job, a bicycle accident can put you out of work, cause long-term damage to your health, and ring up tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills and expenses. We're here to help: if another party was responsible for your accident, you shouldn't have to suffer any more than you have already.

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