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Lithium Battery Explosions and New York State Personal Injury law

A new development in the Hudson Valley has been the newfound prevalence of throttle-based bicycles, also known as e-bikes, and electric scooters. As with any new technology that gets adopted quickly, there are often growing pains or new issues that need to be considered. Last year, we wrote a blog post focusing on the rights… Read More »

Litigating Pedestrian Personal Injuries in the Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the world to go for a walk. From hikes on trails, to the sidewalks of historic streets, to the shores of the Hudson River, there are so many great places for people to walk either for exercise, recreation, or to get to work or… Read More »

Pickleball (and Pickleball Injuries) Rising in the Hudson Valley

Pickleball is America’s fastest-growing sport; according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, it has grown by close to 40 percent since 2020. Our region has seen the same trend play out, with the following Hudson Valley venues emerging in Ulster and Dutchess Counties: (according to a search) As with any sport that gains… Read More »

Hudson Valley Warehouse Jobs (And Injuries) Are Fastest Growing Industry

What’s the fastest growing industry in the Hudson Valley? According to the State Department of Labor, it’s the Warehousing sector. In this blog post we’re going to walk through some Ulster County and Dutchess County-specific facts about warehousing and transportation, and then talk about what workers can do to obtain compensation for major injuries suffered… Read More »

Carlos’ Law to Add Protections Against New York Construction Injuries

More protections are on the way for New York State construction workers. Last month, the New York State governor signed bill S.621B/A.4947B into law, also known as “Carlos’ Law.” The bill “amends the New York State Penal Law to increase the penalties for criminal corporate liability for the death or serious physical injury of an… Read More »

What is the new dog bite personal injury law in New York State?

What is new about dog bite laws and personal injuries in New York State?  We know that homeowners and renters insurance policies may cover damages resulting from dog bites. In 2020, we wrote about a number of details regarding dog bite lawsuits in the Hudson Valley; one of them is that in terms of proving… Read More »

Proving Liability in New York State Winter Car Crashes

One reality of living in New York State is that in the winter, there can be a significant amount of snow, freezing rain and slush on the roads. According to weather research, since 2004, the Hudson Valley averages about 42” of snowfall a year, and roughly ten snowfall events of over an inch. Those conditions… Read More »

Where do fatal car crashes happen most in the Hudson Valley?

Every car crash that causes personal injuries or fatalities is different. There are any number of factors that can contribute to the occurrence of a tragic crash; as personal injury attorneys, it’s our job to help our clients and their families receive the full compensation they deserve for another party’s negligence.  We’ve covered the fact… Read More »

Do Older Motorcyclists Have More Serious Injuries from Crashes in New York State? (UPDATED for 2023)

In New York State, motorcycle accidents that result in personal injuries can be some of the hardest accidents for victims to recover from. Not only can motorcycle accidents result in injuries like brain trauma, road rash, broken bones and facial trauma, but due to New York’s no-fault laws, motorcyclists have to directly seek compensation from… Read More »

NY Times: American Unhappiness Leading to Car Crash Deaths. Is it true in the Hudson Valley too?

One of the most troubling trends in the world of automobile safety has been the sustained national increase in car accident deaths since 2020, despite an overall decrease in the number of miles that people are driving every day. According to a report by the New York Times, the national death rate on our roads… Read More »