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How much is a personal injury claim worth?

One of the most common and important questions that we get from people is about money. How much can someone recover in a personal injury lawsuit? Everyone who contacts us for a free personal injury consultation has experienced some kind of loss: the loss of past and future income, the loss of enjoyment of life,… Read More »

Ulster County Motor Vehicle Traffic is Now Up 80% Year over Year

In June, we shared vehicle traffic data from Streetlight, a company that uses smartphone locations to estimate how many miles are being traveled on every road in America. The data estimated that at the peak of the COVID-19 virus in New York State, traffic in the Mid-Hudson Valley decreased by as much as 75% year… Read More »

How Many Workplace Safety Violations were in Newburgh, Poughkeepsie and Kingston from 2015 to 2019?

Businesses and governments have a duty to create a safe work environment for their employees to do their jobs. Businesses and government entities in Kingston, Poughkeepsie and Newburgh, NY, and the surrounding area, are not exempt from this duty. Unfortunately, we tend to only find out about unsafe work environments after an accident has occurred… Read More »

Are New York Nursing Homes Liable for COVID-19 Deaths?

From mid-March to present, it’s estimated that over 6,400 nursing home patients officially died of COVID-related causes in New York State nursing homes, and untold thousands more are believed to have been affected. The pain, trauma and loss of human life that happened in such a short period of time is overwhelming. And although the… Read More »

The Bicycle Boom is Here: How to Stay Safe and Avoid Personal Injury Accidents

There’s a global bicycling boom, and it’s happening here in New York State too. More of our neighbors than ever are searching for information about biking: The explosion in interest also means that inexperienced bicyclists are likely to be out on the roads. We published some of our top tips for safe bicycling in the… Read More »

How to Prevent Hudson Valley Fireworks Injuries

With many communities canceling fireworks displays because of COVID-19, New York State residents are taking matters in their own hands. According to Google Trends, New Yorkers are looking to buy their own fireworks more than than twice as much as they usually do at this point in June. Additionally, the American Pyrotechnics Association predicts an… Read More »

Hudson Valley Traffic Declined by 85% at Height of COVID-19

On March 22, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued the New York on PAUSE executive order, affecting virtually every aspect of life in our community. For Hudson Valley accident victims seeking relief, it has meant that many cases have been in limbo or on hold, and for small business owners, it has begun a movement to get… Read More »

Why are big insurance companies refusing to honor business interruption claims for COVID-19?

Much of our work as a personal injury law firm revolves around enforcing agreements. Individuals and businesses commit to paying hard earned money to insurance companies in exchange for protection in the event they need to use their insurance coverage. In return, insurance companies commit to covering losses and damages resulting from accidents, injuries, and… Read More »

The Most Commonly-Searched Personal Injury Law Questions

What are the most common questions about personal injury law that people search for on Google? We looked up the answers using an online tool called ahrefs, which estimates the number of times different questions are Googled every month in the United States. All of the answers come from our knowledge and experience of personal… Read More »

Breakdown: COVID-19, Personal Injury Law, and the Hudson Valley

COVID-19 has affected every aspect of daily life for people in the Hudson Valley, and personal injury law is no exception. Today, we’re going to go over some of the ways it affects existing personal injury cases and potential new unrelated cases, as well as the prospect of a surge of coronavirus lawsuits in the… Read More »