Do Older Motorcyclists Have More Serious Injuries from Crashes in New York State?
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Do Older Motorcyclists Have More Serious Injuries from Crashes in New York State?

In New York State, motorcycle accidents that result in personal injuries can be some of the hardest accidents for victims to recover from. Not only can motorcycle accidents result in injuries like brain trauma, road rash, broken bones and facial trauma, but due to New York’s no-fault laws, motorcyclists have to directly seek compensation from the party that caused the injuries. 

In this blog post, we’re going to go over some of the demographic differences involving motorcycle accidents; specifically, how age affects the kinds of injuries. In 2020, an all-time high of 5,579 motorcyclists were killed in crashes in the United States, which represents a doubling that statistic since the late 90s, and a ten percent increase from the previous year. 

In New York State, motorcycle fatalities are also up; going from 133 in 2019, to 191 in 2020, to 204 in 2021. Additionally, personal injury accidents have gone from 3,669 in 2019, to 5,809 in 2020, to 6,240 in 2021. 

Does age affect the severity of motorcycle accidents?

According to a 2013 Brown University Study titled “Injury patterns and severity among motorcyclists treated in US emergency departments,” younger motorcyclists have many more total accidents than older motorcyclists, but their injuries tend to be less severe. The study found that motorcyclists over the age of 60 were three times more likely to be hospitalized than younger riders, while motorcyclists between 40 and 59 were twice as likely to be hospitalized than younger riders. 

Younger riders were more likely to suffer from less grave injuries like broken limbs, bruising, cuts, road rash and sprains, while older riders were more likely to have chest injuries, brain injuries, or internal damage.

Do these motorcycle accident statistics apply to New York?

According to the Institute for Traffic Safety Management & Research based in Albany, NY, in 2021:

There were 4,034 total motorcycle crashes resulting in fatalities or injuries involving a motorcyclist.

Ages 0-29: 1,248 crashes

Ages 30-49: 1,686 crashes

Ages 50 & Over: 1,030 crashes

There were 3,834 total injuries and 200 total fatalities.

Ages 0-29: 96% injuries, 4% fatalities

Ages 30-49: 95% injuries, 5% fatalities

Ages 50 & Over: 95% injuries, 5% fatalities

The New York State data indicates that older riders are slightly more likely to suffer a fatal crash than their younger counterparts.

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