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Car Accidents to Blame for Most Hudson Valley Accident Deaths

According to the latest data from County Health Rankings, Ulster and Dutchess County have more fatal accident victims than the average New York county, while Orange County is slightly better than average. The data tracks the number of deaths resulting from accidents between 2014-2018, for people residing in these counties. Hudson Valley Car Accident Deaths… Read More »

Over 2.2 Million New York Vehicles Have a Safety Recall

As a personal injury firm that represents the victims of vehicle accidents in the Hudson Valley, we know that no two accidents are alike. Every accident has thousands of factors that contribute to them. These factors lead to untold amounts of damage and trauma to people’s lives, and if they’re lucky, they can recover some… Read More »

How much is a personal injury claim worth?

One of the most common and important questions that we get from people is about money. How much can someone recover in a personal injury lawsuit? Everyone who contacts us for a free personal injury consultation has experienced some kind of loss: the loss of past and future income, the loss of enjoyment of life,… Read More »

Ulster County Motor Vehicle Traffic is Now Up 80% Year over Year

In June, we shared vehicle traffic data from Streetlight, a company that uses smartphone locations to estimate how many miles are being traveled on every road in America. The data estimated that at the peak of the COVID-19 virus in New York State, traffic in the Mid-Hudson Valley decreased by as much as 75% year… Read More »

Hudson Valley Traffic Declined by 85% at Height of COVID-19

On March 22, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued the New York on PAUSE executive order, affecting virtually every aspect of life in our community. For Hudson Valley accident victims seeking relief, it has meant that many cases have been in limbo or on hold, and for small business owners, it has begun a movement to get… Read More »

Wrongful Death Auto Accidents in Ulster and Dutchess County

Driving is dangerous: according to national statistics, traffic accidents are usually in the top ten of the most common causes of death. On top of that, compared to other regions of the state, the Hudson Valley is a very dangerous place to drive, due to long average commute times and crowded roads. We’ve covered tips… Read More »

6 Facts About Distracted Driving and How to Prove It in Personal Injury Cases

As we wrote in a previous blog post, distracted driving is one of the leading causes of personal injury accidents in the Hudson Valley. This trend is also true nationwide; there are 1,000 accidents a day that involve a distracted driver, and distracted driving killed over 3,400 people in 2016 alone. The National Safety Council… Read More »

Social Media is Not Your Friend in Personal Injury Law Cases

Personal Injury Attorneys Explain Six Stats About Ulster and Dutchess Car Accident Injuries

We treat every individual case and client with a personalized approach, but sometimes it’s helpful to look at some of the larger trends that are going on with personal injury law. One interesting area is to look at statistics from New York State about emergency department visits, which are typically the first step that people… Read More »

The Keys to Winning a Roadway Defects Personal Injury Case for Drivers, Pedestrians and Bicyclists

You suffered an accident, and your injuries are significant enough to make you miss work and/or affect your quality of life. If your accident was directly caused by a motorist’s negligence, it’s easy to make that connection. You can schedule a free consultation with a leading Hudson Valley personal injury attorney to see if you… Read More »