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Four Reasons a Hudson Valley Personal Injury Firm May Be Better Than a National One

While living in Kingston, Poughkeepsie, or the larger Ulster County, Dutchess County or Orange County area, you may see a lot of advertising for personal injury attorneys. Some of it is from attorneys, like us, who have deep roots and familiarity with the community. Some of it is from law firms that are located far away.

Here are some reasons to consider a local law firm over a national one:

1. More likely to have familiarity with the local court system

The threat of going to trial is a massive source of leverage against insurance companies in personal injury cases. When the plaintiff has retained a local personal injury lawyer who has a track record of winning cases in the local court system, it is a much more serious threat. If the insurance company believes that the plaintiff’s lawyer doesn’t want to go to trial, the settlement may be for less than the highest possible amount. Our firm has a strong track record of winning the maximum possible compensation in the courtrooms of the Hudson Valley.

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2. More likely to have familiarity with local medical providers

We have trusted relationships with many local medical providers. If your injuries require a more detailed diagnosis, a second opinion, or more dialogue with a provider, we can provide referrals and guidance that an out-of-town firm may not be able to.

3. Familiarity with conditions on local roads

As lifelong Hudson Valley residents, we have a fluency and familiarity with driving on our local roads that an out-of-town firm would not. We’ve watched as our local roads, intersections and traffic laws have evolved, and are familiar with the different challenges that a car crash case might present in different parts of the Hudson Valley.

4. Familiarity with local investigators and experts

One of the most important elements for winning the maximum possible compensation in a personal injury case is to have a strong team of experts. In settlement discussions, an investigator can turn up evidence and eyewitness accounts that can prove the negligence of another party and convince the insurance company to increase their offer. In a courtroom, compelling testimony from an expert can help make the strongest possible case to the jury. In both scenarios, a local personal injury firm like ours has the experience to match each case with the investigators and experts that are best suited for the job.