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Increased Crash Risks from the Hudson Valley Electric Vehicle Boom

A recent study by Cambridge Mobile Telematics found that Electric Vehicle drivers exhibit “acceleration risks” ranging from 180-340% higher than when driving traditional vehicles. While the average electric car has a slower top speed than gas-powered cars, electric motors are able to reach maximum torque instantly. This means that electric car drivers, especially if they are not used to electric cars, may end up accelerating more rapidly and causing crashes than they expect in different situations.

The study was written primarily for insurance companies to determine the proper amount of coverage and risk assessment to provide to electric vehicles, but we can apply it to our communities in the Hudson Valley as well. As electric car adoption increases locally, the risk of crashes and accidents may increase, as we share the road with more and more drivers who are not used to the rapid acceleration of their vehicles.

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How Many Electric Cars are in the Mid-Hudson Valley?

Thanks to Atlas Public Policy and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), there is a tool called EVAluateNY that provides updated information about the adoption of electric vehicles and charging stations for every county in New York State. Here’s what we found:

Dutchess County

Electric Vehicles: 2,231
Total Vehicles: 194,781
Electric Vehicle Market Share: 1.15%

Charging Stations: 114
Electric Vehicles per Charging Station: 19.57

Most Common Electric Vehicles: Tesla (782), Toyota (486)

Orange County

Electric Vehicles: 1,958
Total Vehicles: 229,155
Electric Vehicle Market Share: 0.85%

Charging Stations:74
Electric Vehicles per Charging Station: 26.46

Most Common Electric Vehicles: Tesla (770), Toyota (391)

Ulster County

Electric Vehicles: 1,718
Total Vehicles: 121,418
Electric Vehicle Market Share: 1.41%

Charging Stations: 203
Electric Vehicles per Charging Station: 8.5

Most Common Electric Vehicles: Tesla (499), Toyota (431)

New York State Totals

Electric Vehicles: 103,019
Total Vehicles: 8,604,572
Electric Vehicle Market Share: 1.2%

Charging Stations: 6,157
Electric Vehicles per Charging Station: 16.73

Most Common Electric Vehicles: Tesla (40,083), Toyota (19,461)

What are the additional risks of Hudson Valley Electric Vehicle Crashes?

  • Tesla Model X’s famous “falcon-wing” rear doors may not be opened in a normal manner if the vehicle loses power; passengers may have to locate a hard-to-find emergency release lever in order to exit the vehicle after a major accident.
  • Because electric cars are quieter than conventional vehicles, they may cause injuries to pedestrians and bicyclists because they didn’t hear an electric car approaching.
  • Autopilot or “self driving” features on Tesla vehicles may not work properly in all situations, especially on busy city roads.
  • Batteries for electrical vehicles may ignite and burn after being exposed to moisture in a crash. The fire can cause burns and or death for passengers trapped inside, and the fire could spread to other vehicles or surrounding buildings.
  • If first responders are cutting through a vehicle to free passengers trapped inside, it’s possible that they will cut through a high-voltage wire and cause a shock.