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9 Hudson Valley Roundabouts That May Reduce Vehicle Personal Injury Crashes

The world is changing fast around us, but one thing will always be the same: people get really fired up about proposed traffic circles and roundabouts. Across Kingston, Poughkeepsie and Newburgh, new roundabouts are popping up seemingly every year. As personal injury attorneys who represent clients who have been injured in motor vehicle, trucking, bicycle… Read More »

Six Things to Know If You’re Hurt on a Hudson Valley Construction Job

It’s hard to drive around the Hudson Valley or open one of the local newspapers without reading about new construction taking place. There are barely enough subcontractors and workers available to fill the demand, and unfortunately, corners can get cut sometimes, resulting in serious injuries for workers, including roofers, laborers, and iron and steel workers.… Read More »

Five Tips for Safe Bicycle Riding in Kingston and Poughkeepsie

Between abundant rail trails, bike lanes and paths, sharrows and complete streets connections, Kingston and Poughkeepsie are on their way to having bicycling renaissances. While more options and visibility for bicyclists is a good thing, it also means that more drivers are going to be sharing the road for the first time with bikes. If… Read More »

Motorcyclists Are Not Protected by “No-Fault” Insurance

In New York State, every car or truck that is legally on the road is covered by “No-Fault” insurance. That means that if a person is involved in an accident, their No-Fault carrier (their automobile insurance company for the car or truck they were driving) will pay for up to the first $50,000 dollars of… Read More »