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In Their Own Words: Joseph LaLima

Our firm has been representing everyday people in the Hudson Valley for personal injury law cases for decades. One of our long-time clients is Joseph LaLima, the owner of LaLima’s Barbershop on Broadway in Kingston.

In 2013, the Kingston Times wrote:

“While some hair-cutting places are just that, places, Kingston is blessed with some great barbershops that serve as community centers and male-bonding meccas. LaLima spends hours every day holding court in his shop with locals, discussing everything from scoreboards to the view out the window.”

Here’s what Joseph told us:

“I was born and raised in Kingston.

I opened up my business when I got out of the service in 1968. In 1975, I bought the building that I’m in right now, and have owned it ever since.

Whenever something comes up, Al Mainetti has absolutely represented me and my family 100%. They’re the best attorneys going, and if people have gone to the rest, they should come back and try the best.

If you’re wrong, they’ll make you right.

Working with people that are in the community is the best, it’s the most comfortable feeling there is. They will go to bat for you in every way, shape or form.”