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What are the Busiest County Roads in Ulster County?

When it comes to traffic safety in Ulster County, where you drive has an immense impact. We have many kinds of roads that are driven on every day by cars, trucks and motorcycles, including:

  • Interstate Highways like I-87 or I-84 managed by the Federal Highways Administration
  • State Routes like NY-28, NY-32 or NY-299 managed by the NYSDOT
  • County Routes like the ones listed below, managed by the county
  • Town and Village Roads like Broadway in Kingston or Tinker Street in Woodstock
  • Bridges like the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge or Rondout Creek Bridge managed by the NYS Bridge Authority

In a given commute, Ulster County drivers may drive through a dozen different traffic jurisdictions, with a combination of federal, state, county, town/city/village roads, and bridges. If you or a loved one gets into an accident or car crash, each jurisdiction has its own standards and norms for providing a reasonably safe environment.

According to previous research published on our blog, the majority of fatal car crashes happen on State Routes like NY-28 and NY-9W, due to the combination of their proximity to many people’s homes and commutes, higher speed limits, and a tendency for drivers to be in “auto-pilot” mode near home.

While Ulster County’s roads don’t have nearly as many fatal car crashes, there are still many injury car crashes that can occur due to the high number of daily vehicles. In this blog post, we’re going to summarize data from the New York State Department of Transportation about the number of average daily vehicles on Ulster County’s roads.

If you or a loved one was injured on a county road, or any other kind of road in Ulster County or the Mid-Hudson Valley, contact our experienced personal injury law team at 845-600-0000 to schedule a free consultation at our offices in Kingston, NY, Poughkeepsie, NY or New Windsor, NY.

1. Chapel Hill Road (CR11 in Lloyd)

Between: North Chapel Hill Road and US 9W
9,965 Vehicles Daily

2. Sawkill Road (Town of Ulster)

Between: Denver Road and US Route 209
8,782 Vehicles Daily

3. Frank Sottile Boulevard (CR161 in Town of Ulster)

Between: Miron Lane and NY-32
8,511 Vehicles Daily

4. North Putt Corners Road (CR154 in New Paltz)

Between: NY Route 299 and North Putt Corners Road
7,488 Vehicles Daily

5. Libertyville Road (CR7 in New Paltz)

Between: NY Route 299 and Springtown Road
6,867 Vehicles Daily

6. Lucas Turnpike (CR1 Ulster/Kingston)

Between: Ulster Town Line and Kingston City Line
6,487 Vehicles Daily

7. County Road 18 (Wallkill)

Between: Bruyn Turnpike and NY Route 208
6,456 Vehicles Daily

8. Miron Lane (CR162 in Town of Ulster)

Between: Ulster Ave and Frank Sottile Boulevard
6,294 Vehicles Daily

9. Kings Highway (CR31 in Saugerties)

Between: Glasco Turnpike and Railroad Avenue
5,757 Vehicles Daily

10. Hurley Avenue (CR29 in Ulster/Kingston)

Between: Ulster Town Line and Kingston City Line
4,764 Vehicles Daily

11. Cottekill Road (CR72 in Rosendale)

Between: US Route 209 and Marbletown Town Line
4,219 Vehicles Daily