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The Hudson Valley’s 15 Most Dangerous Towns to Drive In

The possibility of a car crash causing personal injuries is one of the most common and deadly hazards that the average Hudson Valley resident has to face on a daily basis.

As we showed in a previous blog post, the average Hudson Valley resident in Dutchess, Orange or Ulster County spends around 30 minutes a day commuting each way to work. A plurality of car crashes occur between 3 and 6 PM, most commonly on Friday afternoons. Thankfully, the Mid-Hudson Valley has motor vehicle crash deaths that are below the national per-capita average.

In this blog post, we’re going to drill down even further. What are the most dangerous per-capita towns in the Mid-Hudson Valley for car crashes?

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1. Tuxedo, NY

Population: 3,811
Total Car Crashes: 117
Crashes per Capita: 0.03

Tuxedo, located in Orange County, is probably on this list due to its proximity to major commuting routes to New York City like Route 17 and the New York State Thruway. Local events like the Renaissance Faire and proximity to Harriman State Park may also increase the number of tourists who are unfamiliar with local roads, increasing the chance of accidents.

2. Wawayanda, NY

Population: 7,534
Total Car Crashes: 169
Crashes Per Capita: 0.022

The Town of Wawayanda is also in Orange County, and is probably on the list due to its proximity to Route 6, 17 and I-84.

3. Fishkill, NY (Village)

Population: 2,166
Total Car Crashes: 46
Crashes Per Capita: 0.021

The Village of Fishkill is on the list because of its status as a major commuting hub; it’s near highways like I-84 and Route 9, with complex intersections and a number of industrial areas.

4. Ulster, NY

Population: 12,660
Total Car Crashes: 220
Crashes Per Capita: 0.017

The Town of Ulster is the first Ulster County location. Home to an I-87 off-ramp, Route 9W and Route 209, with lots of shopping areas and busy intersections, it can be prone to car crashes.

5. Wallkill, NY

Population: 30,486
Total Car Crashes: 497
Crashes Per Capita: 0.016

The Town of Wallkill in Orange County is home to Route 17 (the future I-86) and is home to the Galleria at Crystal Run, and is home to much retail and industrial activity that may increase the likelihood of car crashes.

6. Newburgh, NY (Town)

Population: 31,985
Total Car Crashes: 499
Crashes Per Capita: 0.015

The Town of Newburgh is home to I-84, I-87, and Route 9W, with major industrial and retail zones.

7. Kingston, NY (Town)

Population: 933
Total Car Crashes: 13
Crashes Per Capita: 0.013

The Town of Kingston is home to Route 28 as well as a windy portion of Sawkill Road, as well as other country roads.

8. Newburgh, NY (City)

Population: 28,856
Total Car Crashes: 357
Crashes Per Capita: 0.012

The City of Newburgh has highways like I-84 and Route 9W, and the sheer number of busy intersections can make it a dangerous place to drive.

9. Wappingers Falls, NY (Village)

Population: 5,522
Total Car Crashes: 67
Crashes Per Capita: 0.012

The Village of Wappingers Falls is intersected by Route 9 and Route 9D, and it has a fairly high population density. Its narrow streets in direct proximity to the major commuting corridor of Route 9 may make it more dangerous than other villages.

10. New Paltz, NY (Town)

Population: 7,083
Total Car Crashes: 81
Crashes Per Capita: 0.011

The Town of New Paltz is an exit on the Thruway, and is home to Route 299. The presence of a large university, combined with constant tourist traffic in a busy town can increase the risk of accidents and crashes.

11. La Grange, NY (Town)

Population: 15,975
Total Car Crashes: 174
Crashes Per Capita: 0.010

La Grange is home to the Taconic State Parkway, Route 55 and Route 82, which all have significant traffic volumes. The presence of retail and industrial areas may also contribute to car crash rates.

12. Greenville, NY

Population: 4,689
Total Car Crashes: 47
Crashes Per Capita: 0.010

Greenville in Orange County Greenville is home to Routes 32 and 6, and has some complex intersections mixed with commercial and industrial zones.

13. Chester, NY

Population: 3,993
Total Car Crashes: 40
Crashes Per Capita: 0.010

Chester in Orange County is home to Routes NY-17 and NY-94, with industrial warehouses mixed with commercial areas and complex intersections.

14. Poughkeepsie, NY (City)

Population: 31,577
Total Car Crashes: 312
Crashes Per Capita: 0.009

In Dutchess County, the City of Poughkeepsie combines a high number of high-traffic intersections with highways like Route 9 and Route 55.

15. South Blooming Grove, NY

Population: 3,973
Total Car Crashes: 38
Crashes Per Capita: 0.009

South Blooming Grove, in Orange County, has major highways like Route 6 and Route 208 going through commercial areas and industrial zones.