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7 Kingston NY Crosswalks Being Improved to Reduce Personal Injury Accidents

Last year, the Daily Freeman reported that the City of Kingston is implementing a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan to improve over a dozen local intersections’ crosswalks. The improvements include the installation of curb ramps, “high visibility” crosswalks, and pedestrian signal updates, with the stated goal of reducing the number of vehicle-pedestrian accidents at those locations.… Read More »

32 Poughkeepsie Intersection Improvements That May Prevent Crosswalk Accidents for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

The news just broke that the City of Poughkeepsie is getting $2.4M in grants to upgrade 32 pedestrian crossings to help pedestrians and bicyclists get around safely.According to a news report, the efforts will focus on intersections and crosswalks where they have the most pedestrian traffic and where accidents have occurred in the past, upgrading… Read More »

The 11 Most Popular Places for Hudson Valley Pedestrians to Walk

One of the best ways to experience life in the Hudson Valley is on foot. Whether you’re walking on a street, a sidewalk, a rail trail, or through a meadow, there’s so much you can learn and enjoy outside of the confines of a car. We used Google and social media data to rank some… Read More »