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Why is Nighttime The Most Dangerous Time to be a Pedestrian in the Hudson Valley?

This week, the New York Times put out a provocative article titled Why Are So Many American Pedestrians Dying at Night? The report finds that pedestrian deaths in the United States have almost doubled since 2010, and most of the increase can be attributed to a spike in the number of pedestrians dying at night;… Read More »

Litigating Pedestrian Personal Injuries in the Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the world to go for a walk. From hikes on trails, to the sidewalks of historic streets, to the shores of the Hudson River, there are so many great places for people to walk either for exercise, recreation, or to get to work or… Read More »

7 Kingston NY Crosswalks Being Improved to Reduce Personal Injury Accidents

Last year, the Daily Freeman reported that the City of Kingston is implementing a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan to improve over a dozen local intersections’ crosswalks. The improvements include the installation of curb ramps, “high visibility” crosswalks, and pedestrian signal updates, with the stated goal of reducing the number of vehicle-pedestrian accidents at those locations.… Read More »

32 Poughkeepsie Intersection Improvements That May Prevent Crosswalk Accidents for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

The news just broke that the City of Poughkeepsie is getting $2.4M in grants to upgrade 32 pedestrian crossings to help pedestrians and bicyclists get around safely.According to a news report, the efforts will focus on intersections and crosswalks where they have the most pedestrian traffic and where accidents have occurred in the past, upgrading… Read More »

The 11 Most Popular Places for Hudson Valley Pedestrians to Walk

One of the best ways to experience life in the Hudson Valley is on foot. Whether you’re walking on a street, a sidewalk, a rail trail, or through a meadow, there’s so much you can learn and enjoy outside of the confines of a car. We used Google and social media data to rank some… Read More »