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What is the new dog bite personal injury law in New York State?

What is new about dog bite laws and personal injuries in New York State?  We know that homeowners and renters insurance policies may cover damages resulting from dog bites. In 2020, we wrote about a number of details regarding dog bite lawsuits in the Hudson Valley; one of them is that in terms of proving… Read More »

Dog Bite Injuries Expected to Rise As Restrictions are Lifted

The Insurance Information Institute reported that in 2020, insurance companies paid out a total of $853.7M million for 16,991 dog bite and injury claims, at an average of $50,245 per claim. That doesn’t include the totals from litigation and out-of-court settlements, where dog bite victims seek compensation for larger medical costs, lost wages and permanent… Read More »

A dog bit me and caused injuries. Now what?

Almost everyone has had a brush with some kind of car accident or a slip and fall, and it’s fairly straightforward to imagine how one would obtain compensation for those: by suing the insurance company connected to the vehicle or premises that caused the accident. But what happens if someone’s dog bit you at a… Read More »