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The 18 Busiest Train Intersections in the Mid-Hudson Valley

If you live in the Mid-Hudson Valley, then there’s a good chance trains are a part of everyday life. Many people hear trains from afar, but as drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians, being aware of train crossings and avoiding personal injury accidents is a critical part of being safe as we travel in our daily lives. Using data from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Railroad Administration, we’ve put together a list of the 18 busiest railway crossings in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

Before we get to the list, here are some tips for staying safe as you approach a railway crossing:

  • Always yield the right of way to a train; they cannot stop
  • Never ignore crossing signals or gates at a railway crossing
  • Trains travel faster than you may think
  • Do not approach the tracks unless there is room on the other side to get across
  • If a train has cleared the tracks, do not try to cross immediately; there may be another train coming 
  • Always stay off of railway property
  • Always look both ways when crossing a railway
  • Only cross the tracks at designated crossings, marked by signs, lights or gates

1.Washington Avenue in Kingston – 21,203 daily cars, 3 daily trains (Catskill Mountain Railroad)

2. Wickham Avenue in Middletown – 19,749 daily cars, 3 daily trains (Metro-North)

3. Ulster Avenue in Saugerties – 16,575 daily cars, 21 daily trains (CSX)

4. Dolson Avenue in Middletown – 13,990 daily cars, 1 daily train (Metro-North)

5. Route 17k/Ward Street in Middletown – 12,153 daily cars, 1 daily train (Metro-North)

6. Main Street in Warwick – 11,918 daily cars, 5 daily trains (Metro-North)

7. Fair Street Ext. in Kingston – 11,804 daily cars, 3 daily trains (Catskill Mountain Railroad)

8. Boices Lane in Lake Katrine – 10,946 daily cars, 28 daily trains (CSX)

9. Main Street in Pawling – 7,426 daily cars, 30 daily trains (Metro-North)

10. Flatbush Avenue in Kingston – 7,330 daily cars, 29 daily trains (CSX)

11. Main Street in Campbell Hall – 6,977 daily cars, 7 daily trains (Metro-North)

12. Foxhall Avenue in Kingston – 6,639 daily cars, 29 daily trains (CSX)

13. Sugar Loaf Road in Sugar Loaf – 6,328 daily cars, 5 daily trains (Metro-North)

14. Leggs Mills Road in Town of Ulster- 5,363 daily cars, 28 daily trains (CSX)

15. Dock Road near Marlboro – 5,109 daily cars, 28 daily trains (CSX)

16. Pelton Road in Warwick – 4,572 daily cars, 2 daily trains (NY Susquehanna & Western)

17. Sarah Well Trail in Hampton – 4,437 daily cars, 6 daily trains (Metro-North) 

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